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The Cult Of Victimhood

The following is submitted by political prisoner and LibRA associate member Michael Nelson,who may be contacted at:
Michael Nelson, 908546
Stafford Creek Correctional Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Some of those who have been on this e-mail list for awhile may notice this is a revision or update of a previously submitted report. Further commentary follow's Mike's article--JWG


The Cult of Victimhood
Why People Should Oppose "Offender Change" Programs Like "Victim Awareness"

by Michael Nelson

The first version of this report was turned in as a class final paper along with New Century Foundation's The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Violence in America. Another copy was served on the head of Washington Dept of Corrections (WDOC) Joseph Lehman.
Due to numerous complaints about the as-taught curriculum, a video version was produced shortly after this report was circulated. WSP continued to teach its marxist version of "Victim Awareness" until the author obtained the controlling contract between WDOC and the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. (Marxist community college teachers taught the class in WSP/Walla Walla.)
After the contract was used to identify and challenge parts of the course that violated law, policy, and the contract itself, the class was finally cancelled statewide.
The author bears sole responsibility for the content and his views do not necessarily reflect those of Liberty Rights Advocates or any of the sources used in this report.
About the Author
Nichael Nelson is a prisoner in the Washington State Deparment of Corrections (WDOC) serving a twenty-five year term in the 1998 shooting death of an Everett man. Since that time Nelson has sought to reform and educate himself through participation in our representative government. Nelson is a member of Liberty Rights Advocates (LibRA) and promotes social reforms through activitism.
Nelson is a "White Nationalist" in his political, religious and cultural perspectives--holding these in a single cohesive worldview. In retaliation for his views, Nelson was held in WDOC "close custody" confinement for nearly twice the term dictated by policy, despite a glowing conduct history. Nelson has spent over a year in solitary confinement assignments over allegations that prison administrators knew to be false, even months after overturning these charges in legal proceedings.
Nelson promotes the idea of "ethnic self-determination" for all peoples loyal to their Folk, with freedom from forced assimilation and association, and the understanding that no people has the right to support from any other. Because Eurofolk are forced to support and "celebrate" the cultures of people that hate them, he anticipates the rise of "Ethnostates" after a second civil war in America.
Based on analysis of several prison education programs, Nelson suggests we should end unverisal public education in the United States because academe has been infiltrated by anti-Eurofolk leftists who impose their hateful views on their students. Until education returns to academics Eurofolk must refuse to participate financially or otehrwise.
Nelson encourages dialogue between readers of his reports and their elected representatives and can be contacted by mail [at the address listed above].
The Cult of Victimhood
Before beign allowed on mailine at Washington State Penitentiary (WSP / Walla Walla) I was hauled before a tribunal of prison staff and questioned about my lawful, free-world associations. Though initially screened by the FBI at WDOC's Shelton Reception Center in 1999, and officially found not to pose any threat to prison securitym WSP's jewish Program Manager, Carla Schettlr, thought otherwise). She forced me to sign a "Security Threat Group (STG) contact" which required I undergo "re-education" in, among other classes, "Victim Awareness."
The public was led to believe that "Victim Awareness" gave prisoners a healthy respect for the impact of their crimes on society. But this class, and others like it, are used to indoctrinate prisoners with a marxist, anti-Eurofolk worldview. Because mutlicultural ideas and policies have never worked when applied, they can be said to comprise a sort of state "religion" with a strictly enforced orthodoxy requiring dogmatic faith in obvious falsehood. It is my hope that this thoughtful critique of "Victim Awareness" curriculum will give the average person a good look at this wierd religion.
I've traced the change in public educaton from academics to behavior modification, on a federal policy level, to the pasage of the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act" (ESEA) in 1965. Since that time public education hs become a sort of brainwash program for indoctrinating "students" with marxism. I believe that our social and economic problems are directly linked to the application of marxist theory. Many of you will recognize this in my evaluation of "Victim Awareness" curriculum.
As stated in the "Victim Awareness" workbook, cobbled together from various sources, "the goals of Victim Awareness Education Program are: 1, to understand the short and long-term impact of crime in victims and co-victims; 2, to increase pro-social attitudes and feelings."
For prisoners who don't understand the impacts of crime on society, this is a laudable goal. However, the vast majority of prisoners harden toward incorrigibility due to deliberate cruelty by corrupt prison staff who seem impervious to redress. This makes it doubtful that the desire to forcibily obtain from the convict a genuine respect for the impact of his crimes can be realized:
"If there is a genuine conflict of cultural standards as to what is right and lawful, he handling of the prisoner in terms of a group norma which he does not accept may be useless as far as prevention or reformation is concerned. Only when the individual internalizes the norm of the punishing group will he make, ordinarily, any serious effort to change his ideas, attitudes and habits as they concern his alleged criminal activity." Personality and Problems of Adjustment, Kimball Young, pp 626-27 (1952).
The increasing of "pro-social attitudes and feelings" is more troubling. This is an ideologically charged term which can accurately be translated as "politically correct delusions." These ideas are so obviously stupid that only very intelligent people could have thought them up. (Taylor, 1998.) There is no stronger antidote for these stupid ideas than time servied in America's 21st Century gulags. Truly pro-social attitudes and feelings (though sane persons wouldn't call them that) can only be cultivated in an atmosphere of fair treatment, and through participation in representative government. They cannot be imposed by force.
As an example of how the "Victim Awareness" class gave prisoners stupid ideas, here's Exercise 1A from the workbook:
"Jackie's friends don't understand why she gets so frightened when Phil is late coming home from night school. Jackie reads the papers and knows what can happen to a young black man walking through the local neighborhood at night, especially if the police are looking for a suspect in some kind of crime."
It's a good thing Jackie doesn't know what can happen to a young White man walking through the local neighborhood at night, she might be even more frightened, but nmot for "Phil"." Real trouble beings where "Jackie reads the papers and knows" thereby that black men "are singled out for mistreatment"--and the implication is--due solely to their race. The ugly truth is that blacks commit many times more crimes than Eurofolk, and they're the perpetrators in 90% of interracial violence. When the victim says his or her attacker was black, these people cry foul when police properly "profile" their search for a black suspect. The book's analogy was misleading because American blacks are a privileged class enjoying preferences in employment, education, special rights not afforded Eurofolk, and special sympathy when "victimized" by Whites in any way, real or imagined (adapted from Levin, 1998).
Exercise 4A in the "Victim Awareness" workbook described a crack dealer named "Bobby." A the end of this missive I was asked to identify the victims and co-victims. Curiously, the teacher insisted those who used drugs were "victims." That seemed troublesome to me. When asked to list how the characters were "victimized," my answers revovled around dysgenics and multi-culturalism. I carefully counterpoised personal responsibility to needy, blaming victimhood.
While correcting my assignment, the teacher wrote that the characters in Exercise 4A wee "victimized" through "drug use/abuse." She deliberately gave all of us the impression that we "victims" if we wre drug abuses. "Victim" status was promoted as desirable and people were somehow specially deserving of solicitude for their own poor choices to use drugs. I disagree and so should you.
I believe that to promote special exaltation of "victim status" itself if very, very damaging. It disempowers people by encouraging them to believe that they are not personally responsible for their own misconduct, thus discouraging personal initiative towards reform. Washington's Legislature, faithfully representing the will of the people, intends or prisons do the exact opposite of this:
"It is the intent of the Legislature to establish a comprehensive system of corrections for convicted law violators within the State of Washington to accomplish the following objectives:...The system should positively impact offenders by stressing personal responsibility and accountability." RCW. 72.09.010(3) Legislative Intent
For those who buy into the tempting proposition that they are "victims," the next logical question is: "Who, then, was I victimized by, if not by mself?" For those unfamiliar with the pathos, this dependancy mindset requires the action of others to remedy one's inadequacies. "Whitey is keeping me down!" is the perfect example.
These teachers jump at the chance to steer the focus of the "victim's" newly fabricated resentment in a "politically correct," "progressive" direction. ["Progressive," in Leftist acedeme, means anything that tends toward the dispossession and genocide of homogenous Eurofolk.] Before you think this is just a coincidence, remember: the stock-in-trade of Marxism is the stirring up of unfounded resentment, then agitation of the begrudged, by imposing upon them perspectives of envy, jealousy, and, yes, "victimhood."
As students we were encouraged to give vent to our newly discovered "vicimization" where Exercise 4D asked: "Who do you want to tell this to?" I wrote: "Mr. Ed, Toucan Sam, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and the Parole Board, consisting of the above, respectively." Just think what the "correct" answers might have been.
Exercise 7B required I describe a crime scenario involving vehicular homicde/assault. Driven by a desire to pen a more plausible vignette than the Phil and Jackie story in Exercise 1A, I responded with the following acerbic tome:
"NAFTA allows unlicensed Mexican driver into Texas where his dilapidated 'Beverly Hillbillies' style truck spontaneously explodes killing dozens of neabry negroes who are looting the downtown stores during a power outage."
I'm pretty sure I saw scenes like the above during reports on the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Here, I was asked to list three impacts of the crime in each of the following categories: physical, emotional, financian and spiritual. Am I out of ine for being annoyed at "spiritual" questions by the government? Iconoclast that I am, my answers here were not the usal fare, and probably funnier than the story itself. After reading my answers, the teacher gave up her attempts to "correct" them.
By Exercise 7C, on drinking and driving, when asked "who do you want to tell this to?", I couldn't resist answering: "Absolutely no one. If he Therapeutic State coddles us from the cradle to the grave, incompetents will multiply who'd otherwise die by natural selection."
My observation is obviously much too late.
Sections 8 and 9 of the "Victim Awareness" workbook dealt with the horrific topics of child abuse, sexual abuse, and various conmbinations thereof. Page 103 of the workbook boldly proclaimed to shed some light on The Color of Rape. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) statitistics used in this section noted that 82.5% of rape victims are White, and 13.3% are black. In claiming blacks were 10% more likely to be raped, it gave us the vague impression that blaks were raped most often. Though rape perpetrator statistcs were given here, "the color of rape perpetrators" was just too "politically incorrect" to mention. They weren't counting on one of the students having this same data in their possession, so fortunately I can provice you with a real education.
Ninety percent of violent crimes between blacks and Eurofolk are committed by blacks against Eurofolk. When blacks commit violent crimes they choose White victims more than half the time, which means there is more black on White crime than even th emuch lamented black on black. Statistically, White criminals choose black victims onoy 2.5% of the time! Misrepresentation of these facts is subversive to the public interest because it gives Eurofolk a false sense of security around blacks. For every black mugged by a White, 24 Whites are are mugged by blacks! The color of rape is black on White: for every black woman raped by a White man, 200 White women are raped by blacks!
While sexual assault statistics were dealt with in purported detail in "Victim Awareness" class, on pages 101 through 104 of the workbook, none of the above--critical for victim awareness about the color of rape--was included. Statistics like these carry an alarming message. There are violent consequences when social programs like "Victim Awareness" promote hositility towards Eurofolk by insisting that victimization by Whites is the cause of non-White overty, disease and criminality (adapted from Taylor, 1998.)
As will become even more clear below, the "Victim Awareness" class promotes violent consequences by putting the stupid idea that "Whitey is victimizing you!" into the heads of non-Whites. The public should know that America's prisons are recruting grounds in a movement to enlist an underclass of begrudged minorities in a War Against Whites.
Section 11 dealt with "hate crimes." On page 108 of the workbook it proffers that "the ['hate crinme'] offender acts because of what the victim is, an African America, a Mexican, a Jew." Once again, this promotes a belief squarely opposite of reality: that the listed minorities are the ongoing "victims of White violence." Blacks are even twice as likely as Whites to commit "hate crimes!"
In all the examples of criminal conduct written for the "Victim Awareness" "Hate Crimes" section, all implicitly represented perpetrators who would be classified as "White" in the FBI's "hate crime" documentation schema in which hispanics can be the "victims of hate crimes," but when they're the perpetrators, they are mysteriously transformed into "White" to boster the surprisingly low White offense rates. Eurofolk make less to-do about their victimization, so minimizing it here might be understandable. But obviously, after the endless race-baiting hee, Eurofolk victimization doesn't count and teaching the truth about it does not advance the social goals of those who developed "Victim Awareness" curriculum.
The first story represented the torching of a mosque. The second, a synagogue. In the third, an elderly "African American" man was accosted by "four Caucasian young people." The fourth depicted "gay" bashing. In the fifth, an hispanic girl was verbally intimidated by six hispanic youths who'd be counted as "White" "hate crime" perpetrators for statistical purposes.
Exercise 11F instructed me to write my ow :hate crime" story which I omit for brevity, and frankly because it wasn't very nice. 11G ended the section in asking I define "hate crimes," which I now know are "crimes" our media propagandizes as being frequently committed by "typically" nefarious Whites against "noble" and "chosen" "minorities" who are more equal than I am. When asked how these are different than other crimes I realized that "hate crinmes" charges seem intended only for Eurofolk. When asked what I can do about then, my outrage demaded I expose their hyposcrisy in application by writing this. When asked what I'dlearned, I realized that a War Against Whites is being waged in American prisons:
"In its ["hate's"] most extreme form--genocide--concerted efforts are made to annihilate the group physically...In its less extreme forms hatred can be expressed in subtle forms of bias that inflict psychological harm, making victims feel angry, unwanted, inferior, and so forth." Victim Awareness Handbook, Hate Crime Section, Introduction.
When you think about the above quote in the context of the class curriculum you realize those who developed the course are revealing to the studejts that they know full well their class is anti-Eurofolk. The "infliction of psychological harm," "feeling angry," "inferior," and accepting this without objection, was what they intended for Eurofolk in the class.
The only plausible explanation for all these accumulated coincidences is that anti-White marxist agitators are marketing the hurt and anxiety of crime victims so they can profit--socially and economically--from browbeating Eurofolk prisoners and setting all other prisoners against the Eurofok community. If this still sounds farfetched, think about it this way. If you actively sought to reinforce notions that Eurofolk, primarily, are "victimizers" and that their "victimization" not only means less than that of others but is justly deserved, then you could not have done a better job than with this curriculum. It is, therefore, impossible to believe that this was just a coincidence.
To have prisoners forcibly subjected to grisly accounts of mayhem in a "victim awareness" class is an ironic twist reminiscent of the movie A Clockwork Orange. America's prisons, under the guise of Orwellian "offender change programming" have become systemic, controlled environments for the advancing of "politically correct" perspectives (adapted from Glidden, 2001) that prison managers know are false, but at their best maintain for the purposes of enriching themselves with scare tax dollars. At their worst, infiltrators in prison management are using these programs to create a society very different from one which honors real diversity of peopes and opinions.
Works Cited
Glidden, P.E., 2001, Parents Should Oppose Holocaust Education - Barnes Review, Vol. VII, No. 1, pp 17-19.
Levin, M., 1998, Recent Fallacies in Discussion of Race - In The Real American Dilemma: Race, Immigration, and the Future of America, ed. J. Taylor, 69-87, Oaktan, VA: New Century Books.
Taylor, J., 1998, Introduction. In The Real American Dilemma: Race, Immigratio, and the Future of America, ed. J. Taylor, 1-10, Oakton, VA: New Century Books.
This report by Michael Nelson is an update of an earlier version. After we circulated it online, some outside inquiries were generated, which in turn prompted some state legislators to make inquiries. The program was temporarily shut down, partially because it was set up in a way that it violated Washington state law and original contracts.
The neo-marxist thought cops who style themselves with the Orwellian phrase "politically correct" are obsessed with imposing their warped view upon others. Perverted school curriculums some of those on this list are aware of. Some of these characters realized that priosners can be, quite literally, captive audiences upon whom brainwashing and indoctrination can be coercively imposed. The way "pc" thought cops operate, some times a ruse is used of taking a valid, legitimate or worthwhile program and perverting it into one which ignores original purpose but instead focuses on coercively imposing their own warped outlook upon others. The original "victim awareness" program, or the concept of it, isa sinister example of this ruse in action. The original idea and purpose of this program by those who first forumulated it, had been to enable those convicted of real offenses to be made aware of the impact of their crimes upon real victims. Once the program was set up, original textbooks and instructors werediscarded and replaced with ones advancing the "pc" agenda. Thus came the aberration Michael writes about, by those wanting to instill "white guilt" in Eurofolk prisoners and racial hatred of Eurofolk by non-whites. By bleating about the imaginary "victims" of "white racism," among the various special people classes, the effect also is to rationalize the crimes committed by non-whites as excusable--which of course contradicts the original intended purpose of instilling awareness of the effect of real crime upon real victims.
Such programs can and should be exposed and fought. Legitimate rehabilitation efforts for legitimate reasons, yes, we are in favor of these. Bogus thought control brainwashing programs for neo-marxists with their Orwellian corruption of language, no.
John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate
Liberty Rights Advocates
PO Box 713
Johntown, OH 43031


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Mass Resistance update

March 24, 2010
MassResistance Update
Pro-family activism

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

1. In unanimous vote Mass. House caves in to gay lobby on "anti-bully" bill. Adds GLSEN homosexual school guidelines; requires diversity training to school staff; extends bill to include private schools; fines and jail terms for kids; and more.

ADL and radical homosexual groups worked with House members to craft anti-bullying bill. Includes two groups that terrorized a church in downtown Boston!

What should be done about bullying in schools?

1. In unanimous vote Mass. House caves in to gay lobby on "anti-bully" bill. Adds GLSEN homosexual school guidelines; requires diversity training to school staff; extends bill to include private schools; fines and jail terms for kids; and more.

In an extraordinary move, the Massachusetts House of Representatives added language to the "anti-bully" bill to align it with the goals of a major homosexual activist group. (Luckily, it does NOT include the "hate speech" language that was in the original version -- which we got removed.)

At the center of this bill is GLSEN, the "Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network". GLSEN is an aggressive and militant homosexual national activist group which targets children in the public schools. GLSEN's goal is to normalize homosexual behavior to school children, often in a very graphic manner. Here in Massachusetts, they were involved with Fistgate, The Little Black Book, and other horrible events. They organize homosexual "gay-straight alliance" clubs in high schools and middle schools across the country, etc.

GLSEN is behind a recent push across the country to use state "anti-bullying" legislation as a vehicle to force homosexual diversity training into public schools (including staff training), and punish anyone who voices criticism of homosexual behavior. A large part of their website is devoted to this.

Is it really a problem? School posters for GLSEN's "No Name Calling" program focus on intimidating kids who say "that's so gay" to mean dumb or uncool:

The House bill is patterned after GLSEN's "Model State Anti-Bullying and Harassment Legislation". It also includes language similar to GLSEN's "Model school anti-bullying and harassment policy" and GLSEN's guidelines for schools. These were designed with GLSEN's goals in mind: to use anti-bullying legislation as an entrée for enforcing the homosexual agenda in schools. It's very clear that whoever wrote (and amended) the Massachusetts House bill relied on these documents.

Some of the highlights of the bill include:

"No Name Calling Day" will be mandatory throughout Massachusetts. This is part of GLSEN's national "No Name Calling Week", which they started in 2003 as a method of intimidating middle school kids who use the word "gay" to mean "dumb" or "uncool", which infuriates the homosexual movement. GLSEN is all ready to go with their school programs for this. (GLSEN now has a separate website for this campaign.)

A comprehensive "bullying prevention and intervention" plan is required for every school or school district -- another GLSEN idea. The bill includes a long list of requirements, must be updated every two years, and strictly adhered to.

Mandatory reporting by school staff of all known or suspected bullying or retaliation incidents. This covers most employees, including but not limited to "an educator, administrator, school nurse, cafeteria worker, custodian, bus driver and paraprofessional" -- another GLSEN idea. (Will this cause overreaction?)

Some private schools and parochial schools are now included in the law in the House. GLSEN's literature encourages this. (Technically, their legal connection is "schools with whom a school committee has provided or arranged to provide alternative or special education services.") The Senate version only included public and charter schools.

Every grade must have an anti-bullying curriculum. Another GLSEN idea. Guess who is all set to provide those curricula -- probably at no cost to the schools.

Mandatory annual training for all school staff "to prevent, identify and respond to bullying." This includes: "all members of school staff including, but not limited to, educators, administrators, school nurses, cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers and paraprofessionals." The bill has a comprehensive list of requirements for this. Another GLSEN recommendation.

Likely GLSEN training for staff. The bill says that the state must have an "alternative" method of fulfilling the mandatory staff training requirement that will be of no cost to the schools. That will most likely be training from GLSEN, which raises millions from corporate America and has such programs ready to go. ALSO: This training must include "research findings on bullying, including information about specific categories of students who have been shown to be particularly at risk for bullying in the school environment." GLSEN specializes in "climate surveys" and other research methods to "prove" that GLBT students are being victimized.

Fines and jail time for kids who make crank or harassing, phone calls, emails, web pages, videos, and other "annoying" acts. We understand that's often a big problem. But we wonder if this is this is the best way to deal with it. We've seen students punished severely for fairly innocent things. And we've seen others (especially whose victims are conservatives, people with traditional values, etc.) not punished at all. This potentially criminalizes a lot of interactions between children that would otherwise be seen as normal, though not necessarily positive.

[This is particularly dangerous because it seems to give the Department of Youth Services (DYS) the opportunity to get involved with the younger offenders and possibly and even take kids from their families.]

Encourages schools to set up special diversity training based on a person's membership in a legally protected category (i.e., sexual orientation; also gender identity or expression). This is a major GLSEN thing and a big goal of the Mass. homosexual lobby - but MassResistance fought it pretty hard. This bill makes it optional . . . for now.

Includes illegal immigrants as a new protected class (" . . . shall afford all students the same protection regardless of their status under the law.") We're not sure where this language came from. It was in the original Senate bill, but got taken out, and is now back in. It's clearly the beginning of incorporating illegal immigrants into other parts of the law as a protected class.


During the Nov. 17 public hearing at the State House, the Boston Globe reporter carried a GLSEN press release/fact sheet. (And the Globe articles pretty much reflected that.)

In addition, the mother from Springfield who's been the main face of the bill, Sirdeaner Walker, has been traveling around the country for GLSEN, using the tragic (and complicated) death of her son to promote GLSEN's homosexual anti-bullying legislation.

As we saw over the past several months, this was done with an incredible PR campaign of emotional bullying-related articles that just "happened" to show up in the media every few days.

An expensive sham

Given the breakdown of society, bullying has unfortunately become a bigger problem in the schools. Kids really are being victimized. But is the answer a long, comprehensive, and onerous new state law? We don't think so. Especially one designed by GLSEN, a poisonous organization that preys on innocent children and whose only interest is in pushing a radical sexual agenda. Isn't there a better way to handle this?

Unfortunately, Republicans are all on board

It's hard to imagine that a bill this obnoxious would be unanimously passed 148-0. Doesn't anybody think for themselves anymore? Well, if you talk to people connected with the State House, you'll find out pretty quickly that the fear of (1) the Boston Globe and (2) the homosexual lobby (and the hysteria they can enflame) trumps everything these days, even common sense.

In addition, the state Republican party has made it very clear that they're abandoning the so-called "social issues." But does that mean caving in to this?

Here are the House Republicans who voted for this bill:
Reps. Brad Jones, George Peterson, Brad Hill, Elizabeth Porier, Jay Barrows, Vinnie deMacedo, Lew Evangelidis, Paul Frost, Susan Gifford, Robert Hargraves, Donald Humason, Jeffrey Perry, Karyn Polito, Richard Ross, Todd Smola, Daniel Webster.
You can contact them HERE.

And to add insult to injury, after the vote Sen. Richard Tisei, (R-Wakefield), who is running for Lt. Governor this November (and who recently announced he is "gay") praised the bill in the homosexual news site EdgeBoston.

What's next . . .

This bill (H4517) along with the one passed by the Senate on March 11 (S2323) are going to a "conference committee" which will create a compromise bill, although they have lots of leeway on what they can include. State House News reported that the Senate members of that committee are: Sen. Robert O'Leary (D-Barnstable) who is Senate chairman of the Education Committee, Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton), and Sen. Michael Knapik (R-Westfield). There will also be three House members, who have not been named yet. (We will let you know when that happens.

There is no deadline for the conference committee to finish its work. After that, each branch votes again on the compromise bill. So it's not over yet. But this is pretty frightening.

We will keep you up to date on what happens -- and what you can do regarding the conference committee.

P.S. The decision to go to conference committee was made in one of the Senate's infamous "informal sessions" with only two senators (Rosenberg and Tarr) in the room. As we've pointed out before, the Massachusetts Constitution requires a quorum of 20 to conduct any business. But with a wink and a nod, they "pretend" there's a quorum and go on from there. That's your Legislature at work.

2. ADL and radical homosexual groups worked with House members to craft anti-bullying bill. Includes two groups that terrorized a church in downtown Boston!

When the House first put together its version of the "anti-bully" bill, it did not include many of the radical aspects. This angered the ADL and the homosexual activists. They put on the full-court lobbying press. On the morning of the debate and vote by the full House, both the Globe and Herald had articles about it. By the afternoon, the bill was passed and they got most of what they wanted. That's power.

Hardcore PR. The morning of the House debate and vote, both the Boston Globe (left) and Boston Herald had articles describing how the pro-homosexual coalition was unhappy with the preliminary changes and demanded much more. Their pressure continued and proved fruitful.

Although GLSEN itself has purposefully stayed in the background, the House leadership has worked very closely with a coalition that included some of the most radical and heinous homosexual groups to craft their anti-bullying bill. It includes two groups that terrorized the Park Street Church in Boston last year in a hideous incident involving bullhorns, screaming, and desecration of an historic cemetery.

The coalition was organized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which acted as the lead group before the media, put on the press conferences, and orchestrated the emotional PR campaign in the media. But when it came to interacting with the politicians, such as in the November 17 State House public hearing, the homosexual and transgender groups apparently did most of the work.

Among the groups in the ADL's "anti-bullying" coalition (who are working with your legislators on this bill):

Join the Impact MA. This is the group that organized a hideous attack on Park Street Church in downtown Boston last spring during a religious conference on homosexuality. The goal was to terrorize the participants and shut down the event. Among other things, they used a bullhorn to blast angry epithets into the church, passed out "Jesus is gay" pamphlets, marched around the church screaming, and trampled through the historic Granary Burial Ground next door. See photos and video here of the Park Street Church attack.

Anti-Violence Project. This group also participated in the attack on Park Street Church (above). Despite their name, they seem bent on inciting violence rather than stopping it.

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. A bizarre group that pushes cross-dressing and transgender behavior, and was recently involved with a public parade of shirtless women who had amputated their breasts to "become" men. The group works with schoolchildren as part of the Mass. Commission for GLBT Youth.

Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC). This is the major homosexual lobbying group in the Massachusetts State House. They also paid for an ad bragging that they "sponsored" the attack on Park Street Church.

MassEquality. The main homosexual political organizing group in Massachusetts that pushed gay marriage. They also paid for the ad bragging that they "sponsored" the attack on the Park Street Church.

Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA). The teachers' union, which regularly sponsors the annual GLSEN conferences and promotes homosexual programs in the public schools.

Fenway Health Center which specializes in GLBT medical services.

The complete coalition list on the ADL website is here. It also includes left-wing churches, politicians, political groups, and others the ADL cobbled together for the occasion. Notably, GLSEN is left off the list (to stay under the radar).

As the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows reported, homosexual groups in this coalition were in the thick of the fight to get their language into this bill from the beginning.

Why is the ADL doing this?

The ADL, a Jewish organization founded to fight anti-Semitism, has been harshly criticized by many in the Boston Jewish community and others in recent years for taking up causes offensive to traditional Judaism. Largely as a result of their far-left donor base, they have drifted from their mission and gone in a radical anti-family direction. Their "No Place for Hate" campaign in public schools and towns a few years back, which demonized traditional values, was strongly detested by Jews and Christians alike.

But for the ADL (and our lawmakers!) to work with disgusting groups that terrorize churches is beyond the pale. We have tried to dialogue with the ADL for many years, but with no success.

The morning after the unanimous House vote the Boston Globe was absolutely giddy!

3. What should be done about bullying in schools?

We have never seen a GLSEN-based "safety" program anywhere that had any level of success - except to promote homosexuality and transgenderism to children. If the Massachusetts Legislature were to act responsibly instead of reacting to hysteria (we realize that's asking a lot) they would look around to see what works.

For example, a few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal posted a very thought-provoking article titled Bullying: Declining or just moving online.

According to studies cited in the article, bullying in schools is actually declining, largely because of programs by groups such as the Olweus Foundation, CASEL, and others which are very effective -- and have very little resemblance to GLSEN or what the Massachusetts House just passed. The new challenge is online bullying. They take a different approach and look at the psychological causes of bullying rather than just reacting to the symptoms.

And they've found they can make a lot of progress without onerous state laws micromanaging the process. Our lawmakers need to step back and take a second look at the whole thing.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

30 Little Known Facts About the Terrorist State of Israel

1. Did you know that non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel? A Jew from any country in the world is guaranteed citizenship in Israel, while the Palestinians who have been there for centuries are oppressed and persecuted.

2. Did you know that instead of sewing an insignia on clothing to distinguish race (like the Germans did to the Jews before WW2), Palestinian license plates in Israel are color coded to distinguish Jews from non-Jews?

3. Did you know that East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights are all considered by the entire world community, including the United States and the United Nations, to be occupied territory and NOT part of the State of Israel?

4. Did you know that Israel allots 85% of the water resources for Jews, and the remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the territories? For example in Hebron, 85% of the water is set aside for about 400 Jewish settlers, while the remaining 15% is distributed among Hebron's 120, 000 Palestinians?

5. Did you know that the United States awards Israel $5 billion in aid each year from American tax dollars?

6. Did you know that US aid to Israel ($1.8 billion annually in military aid alone) exceeds the aid the US grants to the entire African continent? This aid is used both to buy American weaponry and to buy arms made in Israel.

7. Did you know that Israel is awaiting an additional $4 billion worth of American military hardware, including new F-16s and Apache and Blackhawk helicopters. As Israel's main ally and supporter internationally, the United States is committed to maintaining the Jewish state's "qualitative edge" in weapons over its neighbours.

8. Did you know that the U.S. administration has notified Congress on numerous occasions that Israel has violated the rules on how US-supplied weapons are used? (In 1978, 1979 and 1982 during fighting in Lebanon, and once after Israel's bombing of an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.)

9. Did you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections from its sites?

10. Did you know that high-ranking military officers in the Israeli Defence Forces have admitted publicly that unarmed prisoners of war have been summarily executed by the Israeli forces?

11. Did you know that Israel blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a US warship in international waters (the USS Liberty), killing 33 and wounding 177 American sailors and the US did nothing about it? (Imagine if an Islamic country like Iraq did this!)

12. Did you know that Israel stands in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council Resolutions?

13. Did you know that Israel is explicitly dedicated to the policy of maintaining a distinct Jewish character?

14. Did you know that Israel's current Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, was found by an Israeli court to be "personally and directly responsible" for the Sabra and Shatilla massacre in Lebanon where more than a thousand innocent Palestinian men, women, and children were axed to death or lined up and shot in cold blood?

15. Did you know that on May 20, 1990, a group of unarmed Palestinian labourers were lined up and murdered by an Israeli solider as they sat waiting for transportation back to Gaza? The terrified labourers who gathered in an area of southern Israel known as Rishon Lezion (known to Palestinians by its Arabic name Oyon Qara) handed their ID cards to the Israeli soldier. The soldiers ordered the distressed labourers to kneel down and face the ground and unexpectedly showered them with a barrage of bullets, killing seven and wounding many others. Needless to say, the soldier was not charged with any crime.

16. Did you know that until as recently as 1988, Israelis were permitted to run "Jews Only" job ads?

17. Did you know that the Israeli Foreign Ministry pays six US public relations firms to promote a "positive image" of Israel to the American public?

18. Did you know that Sharon's coalition government includes a party--Molodet--which advocates ethnic cleansing by openly calling for the forced expulsion of all Palestinians from the occupied territories?

19. Did you know that recently-declassified documents indicate that David Ben-Gurion approved of the forced expulsion of Arabs from all Palestinian territory in 1948?

20. Did you know that the former chief rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, who is also a founder and spiritual leader of the religious Shas party (Israel's third largest political party) openly advocates a 'Final Solution' to annihilate the Palestinians? Speaking at the widely broadcast sermon marking the last Passover, he declared of the Palestinians: "The Lord shall return their deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world. It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable."

21. Did you know that Palestinian refugees make up the largest portion of the refugee population in the world?

22. Did you know that Palestinian Christians are considered the "living stones" of Christianity because they are the direct descendants of the disciples of Jesus Christ? And the Palestinian Christians stand united with their Muslim brethren in the struggle against the Israeli occupation.

23. Did you know that despite a ban on torture by Israel's High Court of Justice, torture has continued unabated by Shin Bet interrogators on Palestinian prisoners?

24. Did you know that despite every Israeli attempt to disrupt Palestinian education, Palestinians have the highest ratio of PhDs per capita in the world?

25. Did you know that the right of self-determination is guaranteed to every human being under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [December, 1948], yet Palestinians were/are expected to negotiate for this right under the Oslo Accords?

26. Did you know that despite what is widely perpetuated and written in the history books that the Arabs attacked Israel in the 1967 war, it was Israel who attacked the Arab countries first, capturing Jerusalem and the West Bank, and called the attack a pre-emptive strike?

27. Did you know that, as an occupying power, Israel has a particular responsibility under the Geneva Conventions to protect Palestinian civilians?

28. Did you know that, despite Ariel Sharon's public call for a unilateral ceasefire, Israeli soldiers have not stopped shooting, killing or bulldozing Palestinian homes?

29. Did you know that the Zionists have been trying to destroy Masjid al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock for the last 50 years by digging underground tunnels beneath the sites to weaken its foundation causing it to collapse?

30. Nelson Mandela called the Israeli government an apartheid regime, just like South Africa used to be.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Best Faggot Buddy, Benny


I don't know if any of you have a Face Book page or not. Personally, it's relaxing and stressing at the same time. don't get sucked into Mafia Wars or Farmville unles you want to get bombarded daily with gifts from all your friends and have to send them back another gift which puts you into the spiraling Spam of Death. Don't get me wrong. I love all my FB pals, some more than others but that's just because they show tits. but that's beside the point. It takes 40 minutes to send and gift back 12 friends and I sure as shit don't know if they need a fucking duck or a gott damn board for their barn. You'll meet all kinds of folks and get massive numbers of folks whom YOU don't know but because they know a friend of a friend, YOU can be THEIR buddy too.
One such "friend" I found was little Benny Bowden. Now evidently Benny is one of those insecure, pussy bitch-types. No sense of humor and a real desire to act like a loud-mouthed cyber eunuch. You know. The kind of fucking pussy who hides behind a keyboard, running ooff at the cockholster, talking shit, being a cunt.
Now seeing as I just LOVE to take little cocksuckers like Benny "Big Mouth" Bowden behind the barn and whoop the shit out of them, in this case, I can't. Now I have a really nice security program/peopple finder. Benny Bowden, according to the email he sent me, is 8917 NE 105th St. Vancouver, WA. 98604. There's no such address and no where in my search of WA does widdle Benny "Baby-Butt-Banger" Bowden show up. Benny is a fucking cunt LIAR!
This is what I get from Benny in form of emails All shitty and whining like a bitch because his account got deleted:

March 15 at 4:26pm Report
no response? better get a couple of your faggot military butt buddies together, maybe with three or four of you you could come up with something puppet dance!
Notice how little Benny is such a fucking CUNT, PUSSY Commie faggot BITCH, he even stoops so low as to degrade the troops! OUR military is DYING over there, for whatever political reason under ZOG influence, yet BENNY wants to attack OUR guys calling them faggots when in reality, it is BENNY who is too much of a cunt, pussy, FAGGOT to even SERVE our country! Here's some more from the little shit licker:
March 15 at 4:29pm Report
belittling you has become one of the high points of my day. . . ( Ahh yes! Simple minds are SO easily amused! )i think i'll do this indefinitely. ( well, or until your account gets deleted, neh? fag boy??)its free entertainment, plus it keeps me on my toes for anyone that should come along that actually has 2 brain cells to rub together. . . ( That's funny, buh buh buh Benny Butt-Poker, but coming from some guy who keeps emailing ME after I told you to piss off, well, I think you're acting like a spurned lover. Sorry Benny "The Turd Tapper", I know you're just jealous because I don't have hemorroids!) you're like a sparring partner, not nearly good enough to be a pro, but good enough to be a punching bag. dance puppet dance! (I'd be more than happy to step into the ring with you Benny. Full contact, pads of course. I wouldn't want a leg kick to your thigh to break your femur or an elbow to your face to give you another gash on your cocksucker. Hell, If I broke your jaw you'd lose 1/2 your income. )
March 15 at 8:04pm Report i should have been a puppeteer. ( Or at least something other then the clown voice at the local Taco Shitface stand drive thru. I heard you lost your last job for not double-checking the condiments) i can pull your strings and make you do whatever i want! ha ha ha ( Really Benny? You can pull a tampon out of your ass but you can't pull your HEAD out of your ass? Bummer. The world is so much brighter when not obscured by the walls of your gerbil-infested rectum.
So, you see what kinds of lame-ass fucking douchebags you could meet in FB. Now, little Benny "Face Book Fag" Bowden will sooner or later screw up. I'll get a real addy or a real phone number and then he's going to be fucked. I'm going to devote my spare time to making his life a living hell. don't know when it'll happen, but it will. Who knows? Maybe his face will show up on a police brutality poster or as a NAMBLA representative coming to YOUR town. who knows. I'd subscribe him to some faggot beastiality magazines but he'd enjoy them too much.
At any rate, just remember Benny when you get on FaceBook! He may know some of YOUR friends!

Monday, March 15, 2010

kikes STILL Trying to Pass Faggot Pervert Adoption


By Harmony Grant Daws and Rev. Ted Pike
15 Mar 10

A new bill has been introduced into Congress, attractively named the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.” The goal of HR 3827 is “to prohibit discrimination in adoption or foster care placements based on the sexual orientation, gender identification, or marital status of any prospective adoptive or foster parent.”

The bill reports that “one-third of child welfare agencies in the United States currently reject gay, lesbian, and bisexual applicants, citing a conflict with the religious beliefs associated with the agency, State law prohibiting placement with gay, lesbian, or bisexual parents, or a policy of placing children with married-heterosexual only couples.” It says as many as two million homosexuals may be interested in adopting children and may be rejected because of their orientation. The bill will remove federal funding from any placement agency that “discriminates” on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity of marital status.

This means Christian adoption agencies will be unable to operate according to their founders’ consciences. It means closure of Catholic or Christian agencies which refuse to violate their moral principles of placing children with heterosexual or nuclear families only. Ultimately, this will mean fewer children adopted! After a similar law was passed in Britain, multiple adoption agencies closed. The Catholic Children’s Rescue Service was the first to do so. Rather than allowing the free market to potentially create homosexual-friendly adoption agencies (should there really be such demand), this law strong-arms benevolent religious organizations into violating their own principles in favor of a political agenda.

This bill would not only limit freedom of religion for adoption agencies but also for birth parents. A teen mother won’t be able to find agencies which screen for nuclear, Christian families if those are the qualities she wants for her unborn child.

Inevitably, such agenda-driven legislation is used as a force of discrimination itself. In Britain, pro-homosexual adoption laws were passed and are now used against traditional, religious people seeking to rescue children! In 2008, Daily Mail reported a story of a Christian couple told, “You can’t foster if you think it’s wrong to be gay.” Eunice and Owen Johns, a black couple who have cared for almost 20 children and raised four of their own, would not submit to a new hate law requiring them to condone homosexuality in order to continue rescuing needy kids. Eunice explains that she was told she would have to tell foster children that it’s okay to be homosexual.

“But I couldn’t do that because my Christian beliefs won’t let me,” she says, “Morally I couldn’t do that, spiritually I couldn’t do that.” Her husband says, “I would love any child, black or white, gay or straight. But I cannot understand why sexuality is an issue when we are talking about boys and girls under the age of ten.” Because of their traditional values, the Johns were denied the opportunity to continue saving needy kids.

In 2007, a British woman named Sonia Maples wrote for the UK Telegraph about being denied adoption because of the religious “idealism” she shares with her husband. Maples says their home is not “overtly religious” and they have homosexual friends, but this wasn’t enough to make up for their belief that a nuclear family is best for children.

“Long before the current row over whether church-based adoption agencies should be allowed to set their own rules about accepting homosexual couples on to their books, my husband and I felt the cold breath of discrimination,” says Maples. “It wasn't because of our sexual orientation…we were found wanting because we were Christians and because we hold strong views about the importance of children having both a father and a mother.”

Maples and her husband were investigated for 18 months by social workers full of questions about their religious convictions. They were then refused by the adoption panel because of their religious objection to homosexuality. Maples said, “We later received a letter saying that we had been turned down as adoptive parents, that we were not suitable for any of the children they had to place and that we would have to reconsider our views on homosexuality…We appealed, but in vain. We have since spoken to a fostering agency, which told us that only one or two heterosexual couples get approved by them.”

This anti-heterosexual agenda affects even birth parents who want to keep their own children. In Vermont, ex-lesbian Lisa Miller is currently running from the law with her seven-year-old biological daughter Isabella because custody has been awarded to her previous same-sex partner, who is not legally or biologically related to the child! Miller has become an evangelical Christian and her advocates say this is clearly a case of hard-line “progressives” pushing for pro-homosexual custody rights. Talk show host Wiley Drake, who is familiar with the case, said that after the first court ordered weekend visitation of six-year-old Isabella to her lesbian “mother,” the child returned home to her real mother proudly fondling herself. She related matter-of-factly that she and the lesbian had taken a bath together and watched pornographic movies. She had even been taught how to urinate standing up. Adoptive rights for homosexuals? Such corruption of children by aggressive sodomites will only be expanded to millions of society’s youngest, most vulnerable members if this bill becomes law.

End of Normal Adoptions in America

In the US, the largest adoption agency has already had to pull out of multiple states because of “anti-discrimination” lawsuits. In 2003, was sued by two homosexual men, residents of California, who claim they faced illegal discrimination because the agency won’t serve homosexual couples. The homosexuals won the lawsuit and the agency no longer serves adoptive parents in California. The adoption agency argued it was governed by Arizona law and wasn’t required to violate its own conscience by advertising homosexual couples. But if HR 3827 becomes federal, all agencies will have to submit or close their doors.

To prevent this, one state was proactive. North Dakota, in 2008, passed the “Adoption Agency Freedom to Serve” Act which protects the right of adoption agencies to refuse adoptions that violate their moral or religious beliefs. When the bill was introduced there were six agencies provided licensed services, four of them affiliated with religious organizations. But if HR 3827 passes, this state law will be overturned and North Dakota’s citizens will lose the freedom they have chosen.

Protest to your House member now! Call 1-877-851-6437 toll free 202-225-3121 toll. Also call the crucial members of the House Ways and Means Committee (especially Republicans) demanding they stop the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.” Names are available HERE at

Tell House members, “Please do not vote for the ‘Every Child Deserves a Family Act,’ HR 3827. It would force all US adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples. Many homosexuals prey on children. And this bill would force religious adoption agencies to close. I and my friends will vote out any House member who supports this outrageous legislation.”

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules National Motto "In God We Trust" Is Constitutional

Liberty Alert from Liberty Counsel -

Online version easier to read? Go to

March 12, 2010

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules National Motto “In God We Trust” Is Constitutional

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the national motto, “In God We Trust,” does not violate the United States Constitution. California atheist Michael Newdow had filed suit claiming that the national motto, “In God We Trust,” and the laws calling for the inscription of that motto on the nation’s coin and currency were unconstitutional. Newdow’s prior suit, filed on behalf of his daughter, to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance was also unsuccessful.

Liberty Counsel filed an amicus brief with the court to protect the national motto. In the ruling, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court’s order dismissing Mr. Newdow’s claims. The Ninth Circuit agreed that Mr. Newdow technically had standing to bring the claims to court but that the claims did not have any merit, as the Ninth Circuit had already determined that the national motto did not violate the Establishment Clause. For the same reason, the Ninth Circuit found Mr. Newdow’s claim that the national motto violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act did not have merit.

“In God We Trust” made its first appearance on U.S. currency in 1865, when Congress passed an act placing the phrase on all coins. The motto has been used on all United States paper money since 1957. The constitutionality of the motto was challenged in 1970 in Aronow v. United States, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals determined that the phrase “has nothing whatsoever to do with the establishment of religion.” In 1979, atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair unsuccessfully challenged the motto in the case of O’Hair v. Blumenthal.

Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, commented: “The words ‘In God We Trust’ are part of our American heritage. Mr. Newdow’s baseless lawsuits have wasted thousands of dollars of the taxpayers’ money. His claims are wholly without merit, and we hope he will abstain from any additional frivolous lawsuits. America was founded upon religious principles and the belief in God. Mere expression of our heritage cannot establish a religion. A public acknowledgement of God is not an establishment of religion.”

Read our News Release for more details.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how many times does YOUR Congressman and Senators visit Israel at YOUR expense?

Congressional Junket Front-Page News Unless It’s a Trip to Israel

The ongoing controversy regarding Representative Charles Rangel (D, NY-15) and trips to the Caribbean in 2007 and 2008 has refreshed the discourse on privately funded congressional travel. Following the Jack Abramoff scandal of 2006 stricter limits were adopted by the House in order to expose and prevent corporate-sponsored junkets. The new ethics rules stipulated that members could not accept trip funding from non-profits that had received corporate donations, which would constitute lobbying.

Rep. Rangel was investigated for having violated these rules by attending conferences in St. Maarten sponsored by the Carib News Foundation. Major corporations, including Citigroup and Pfizer, however, appear to have earmarked donations to Carib News specifically for the trips. Rep. Rangel’s staff was apparently aware of the connection between the corporations and Carib News, whereas Rep. Rangel maintains that he was never informed of such a link. Therein lies the debate: Is Rep. Rangel to be held accountable for the improper conduct of his staff?

The case, moreover, exposes the inconsistencies of the ethics rules constraining congressional behavior. The rules intend to restrict the influence of lobbyists; however, they do nothing to constrain so-called “educational” organizations. Under the current rules, a non-profit like the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is considered an independent entity from its parent group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which self-identifies as “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby.”

Under this arrangement we are to assume that AIPAC’s hard-line, rightist views of the Arab-Israeli conflict have not once influenced the “education” imparted on the 480 trips (at a cost of $4,024,845) sponsored by AIEF since Jan. 2000. Unfortunately, the link between AIEF’s “educational” efforts and AIPAC’s lobbying are as obvious as they appear. Members and staffers participating in the trips are bombarded by a one-sided distortion of reality. The perspectives generated by these “educational” sojourns rarely include moderate or left-leaning voices in Israel. When, if ever, was B’Tselem or Peace Now involved in the “education” process? Furthermore, the trips neglect the Palestinian perspective altogether.

A spade will always be a spade and a lobby will always be a lobby, whether or not it markets itself as an “educational” organization. Clearly, the ethics rules in place do not do enough to prevent the undue influence of lobbies on the legislative process.

For further information regarding trips sponsored by AIEF and similar groups please consult the following table:

RankTop Ten Members in Terms of Approved Trips Sponsored by Pro-Israel GroupsPro-Israel Groups Funded Travel*# of Trips Sponsored by Pro-Israel Groups*
1Hoyer, Steny H (D, Maryland District 5 )$142,426.0217
2Berkley, Shelley (D, Nevada District 1 )$102,910.6714
3Blunt, Roy (R, Missouri District 7 )$69,356.9810
4Kirk, Mark (R, Illinois District 10 )$64,503.099
5Green, Gene (D, Texas District 29 )$50,527.944
6Wexler, Robert (D, Florida District 19 )$46,171.945
7Pence, Mike (R, Indiana District 6 )$45,288.055
8Gohmert, Louis B Jr (R, Texas District 1 )$44,753.603
9Bachmann, Michele (R, Minnesota District 6 )$44,381.143
10Langevin, Jim (D, Rhode Island District 2 )$43,302.157

MemberPro-Israel Groups Funded Travel*# of Trips Sponsored by Pro-Israel Groups*
* - Trips are those approved, which includes all trips from office both by members and by staffers
Abercrombie, Neil (D, Hawaii District 1 )$0.000
Ackerman, Gary (D, New York District 5 )$13,504.037
Aderholt, Robert B (R, Alabama District 4 )$0.000
Adler, John H (D, New Jersey District 3 )$18,235.001
Akaka, Daniel K (D, Hawaii Senate)$4,610.001
Akin, Todd (R, Missouri District 2 )$0.000
Alexander, Lamar (R, Tennessee Senate)$3,650.851
Alexander, Rodney (R, Louisiana District 5 )$15,763.132
Altmire, Jason (D, Pennsylvania District 4 )$13,656.901
Andrews, Robert E (D, New Jersey District 1 )$0.000
Arcuri, Michael (D, New York District 24 )$16,811.001
Austria, Steve C (R, Ohio District 7 )$7,325.841
Baca, Joe (D, California District 43 )$0.000
Bachmann, Michele (R, Minnesota District 6 )$44,381.143
Bachus, Spencer (R, Alabama District 6 )$2,588.401
Baird, Brian (D, Washington District 3 )$2,694.941
Baldwin, Tammy (D, Wisconsin District 2 )$23,918.832
Barrasso, John A (R, Wyoming Senate)$36,555.992
Barrett, Gresham (R, South Carolina District 3 )$4,850.001
Barrow, John (D, Georgia District 12 )$12,484.352
Bartlett, Roscoe G (R, Maryland District 6 )$0.000
Barton, Joe (R, Texas District 6 )$0.000
Baucus, Max (D, Montana Senate)$0.000
Bayh, Evan (D, Indiana Senate)$5,435.232
Bean, Melissa (D, Illinois District 8 )$25,755.163
Becerra, Xavier (D, California District 31 )$13,234.492
Begich, Mark (D, Alaska Senate)$0.000
Bennet, Michael F (D, Colorado Senate)$0.000
Bennett, Robert F (R, Utah Senate)$5,201.993
Berkley, Shelley (D, Nevada District 1 )$102,910.6714
Berman, Howard L (D, California District 28 )$7,595.587
Berry, Marion (D, Arkansas District 1 )$0.000
Biden, Joseph R Jr (D, Delaware Senate)$2,500.003
Biggert, Judy (R, Illinois District 13 )$18,853.622
Bilbray, Brian P (R, California District 50 )$0.000
Bilirakis, Gus (R, Florida District 9 )$10,391.011
Bingaman, Jeff (D, New Mexico Senate)$0.000
Bishop, Rob (R, Utah District 1 )$14,376.981
Bishop, Sanford D Jr (D, Georgia District 2 )$7,639.282
Bishop, Timothy H (D, New York District 1 )$5,669.821
Blackburn, Marsha (R, Tennessee District 7 )$0.000
Blumenauer, Earl (D, Oregon District 3 )$0.000
Blunt, Roy (R, Missouri District 7 )$69,356.9810
Boccieri, John A (D, Ohio District 16 )$0.000
Boehner, John (R, Ohio District 8 )$17,096.912
Bond, Christopher "Kit" (R, Missouri Senate)$13,043.192
Bonner, Jo (R, Alabama District 1 )$17,297.852
Bono Mack, Mary (R, California District 45 )$0.000
Boozman, John (R, Arkansas District 3 )$13,746.692
Bordallo, Madeleine Z (D, Guam At Large)$6,599.151
Boren, Dan (D, Oklahoma District 2 )$0.000
Boswell, Leonard L (D, Iowa District 3 )$8,690.551
Boucher, Rick (D, Virginia District 9 )$0.000
Boustany, Charles W Jr (R, Louisiana District 7 )$5,258.271
Boxer, Barbara (D, California Senate)$5,422.962
Boyd, Allen (D, Florida District 2 )$14,682.093
Brady, Kevin (R, Texas District 8 )$0.000
Brady, Robert A (D, Pennsylvania District 1 )$0.000
Braley, Bruce (D, Iowa District 1 )$0.000
Bright, Bobby (D, Alabama District 2 )$16,249.041
Broun, Paul Jr (R, Georgia District 10 )$0.000
Brown, Corrine (D, Florida District 3 )$2,823.981
Brown, Henry (R, South Carolina District 1 )$0.000
Brown, Scott (R, Massachusetts Senate)$0.000
Brown, Sherrod (D, Ohio Senate)$0.000
Brown-Waite, Ginny (R, Florida District 5 )$28,533.142
Brownback, Sam (R, Kansas Senate)$15,275.434
Buchanan, Vernon (R, Florida District 13 )$21,329.001
Bunning, Jim (R, Kentucky Senate)$4,973.511
Burgess, Michael (R, Texas District 26 )$0.000
Burr, Richard (R, North Carolina Senate)$0.000
Burris, Roland (D, Illinois Senate)$0.000
Burton, Dan (R, Indiana District 5 )$3,161.501
Butterfield, G K (D, North Carolina District 1 )$0.000
Buyer, Steve (R, Indiana District 4 )$0.000
Byrd, Robert C (D, West Virginia Senate)$0.000
Calvert, Ken (R, California District 44 )$0.000
Camp, Dave (R, Michigan District 4 )$5,537.601
Campbell, John (R, California District 48 )$0.000
Cantor, Eric (R, Virginia District 7 )$129,054.9017
Cantwell, Maria (D, Washington Senate)$7,493.742
Cao, Joseph (R, Louisiana District 2 )$0.000
Capito, Shelley Moore (R, West Virginia District 2 )$13,791.221
Capps, Lois (D, California District 23 )$0.000
Capuano, Michael E (D, Massachusetts District 8 )$9,271.802
Cardin, Ben (D, Maryland Senate)$0.000
Cardoza, Dennis (D, California District 18 )$13,849.453
Carnahan, Russ (D, Missouri District 3 )$21,278.412
Carney, Chris (D, Pennsylvania District 10 )$5,258.271
Carper, Tom (D, Delaware Senate)$11,046.742
Carson, Andre (D, Indiana District 7 )$0.000
Carter, John (R, Texas District 31 )$20,859.132
Casey, Bob (D, Pennsylvania Senate)$5,816.001
Cassidy, Bill (R, Louisiana District 6 )$0.000
Castle, Michael N (R, Delaware District 1 )$0.000
Castor, Kathy (D, Florida District 11 )$0.000
Chaffetz, Jason (R, Utah District 3 )$15,813.471
Chambliss, Saxby (R, Georgia Senate)$6,999.912
Chandler, Ben (D, Kentucky District 6 )$0.000
Childers, Travis W (D, Mississippi District 1 )$15,449.041
Christian-Christensen, Donna (D, Virgin Islands At Large)$0.000
Chu, Judy (D, California District 32 )$0.000
Clarke, Yvette D (D, New York District 11 )$0.000
Clay, William L Jr (D, Missouri District 1 )$2,694.941
Cleaver, Emanuel (D, Missouri District 5 )$0.000
Clyburn, James E (D, South Carolina District 6 )$25,065.524
Coble, Howard (R, North Carolina District 6 )$0.000
Coburn, Tom (R, Oklahoma Senate)$0.000
Cochran, Thad (R, Mississippi Senate)$8,364.762
Coffman, Mike (R, Colorado District 6 )$14,624.33
Cohen, Stephen Ira (D, Tennessee District 9 )$10,444.861
Cole, Tom (R, Oklahoma District 4 )$7,705.022
Collins, Susan M (R, Maine Senate)$8,387.923
Conaway, Mike (R, Texas District 11 )$21,495.701
Connolly, Gerry (D, Virginia District 11 )
Conrad, Kent (D, North Dakota Senate)$0.000
Conyers, John Jr (D, Michigan District 14 )$0.000
Cooper, Jim (D, Tennessee District 5 )$0.000
Corker, Bob (R, Tennessee Senate)$0.000
Cornyn, John (R, Texas Senate)$11,922.834
Costa, Jim (D, California District 20 )$14,623.942
Costello, Jerry F (D, Illinois District 12 )$3,877.002
Courtney, Joe (D, Connecticut District 2 )$0.000
Crapo, Mike (R, Idaho Senate)$8,690.621
Crenshaw, Ander (R, Florida District 4 )$0.000
Crowley, Joseph (D, New York District 7 )$37,670.2010
Cuellar, Henry (D, Texas District 28 )$0.000
Culberson, John (R, Texas District 7 )$0.000
Cummings, Elijah E (D, Maryland District 7 )$3,151.251
Dahlkemper, Kathleen (D, Pennsylvania District 3 )$0.000
Davis, Artur (D, Alabama District 7 )$12,499.4610
Davis, Danny K (D, Illinois District 7 )$14,838.203
Davis, Geoff (R, Kentucky District 4 )$24,626.401
Davis, Lincoln (D, Tennessee District 4 )$15,446.041
Davis, Susan A (D, California District 53 )$14,039.702
Deal, Nathan (R, Georgia District 9 )$0.000
DeFazio, Peter (D, Oregon District 4 )$0.000
DeGette, Diana (D, Colorado District 1 )$8,646.811
Delahunt, Bill (D, Massachusetts District 10 )$2,587.901
DeLauro, Rosa L (D, Connecticut District 3 )$3,292.001
DeMint, James W (R, South Carolina Senate)$18,324.362
Dent, Charlie (R, Pennsylvania District 15 )$17,112.401
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (R, Florida District 21 )$0.000
Diaz-Balart, Mario (R, Florida District 25 )$3,761.561
Dicks, Norm (D, Washington District 6 )$2,131.061
Dingell, John D (D, Michigan District 15 )$0.000
Dodd, Chris (D, Connecticut Senate)$2,323.042
Doggett, Lloyd (D, Texas District 25 )$0.000
Donnelly, Joe (D, Indiana District 2 )$0.000
Dorgan, Byron L (D, North Dakota Senate)$0.000
Doyle, Mike (D, Pennsylvania District 14 )$2,131.001
Dreier, David (R, California District 26 )$7,680.991
Driehaus, Steve (D, Ohio District 1 )$9,401.021
Duncan, John J (Jimmy) Jr (R, Tennessee District 2 )$0.000
Durbin, Dick (D, Illinois Senate)$5,459.453
Edwards, Chet (D, Texas District 17 )$0.000
Edwards, Donna (D, Maryland District 4 )$0.000
Ehlers, Vernon J (R, Michigan District 3 )$0.000
Ellison, Keith (D, Minnesota District 5 )$22,023.892
Ellsworth, Brad (D, Indiana District 8 )$15,437.041
Emerson, Jo Ann (R, Missouri District 8 )$0.000
Engel, Eliot L (D, New York District 17 )$28,854.989
Ensign, John (R, Nevada Senate)$2,828.981
Enzi, Mike (R, Wyoming Senate)$0.000
Eshoo, Anna (D, California District 14 )$0.000
Etheridge, Bob (D, North Carolina District 2 )$0.000
Faleomavaega, Eni F H (D, American Samoa At Large)$32,598.152
Fallin, Mary (R, Oklahoma District 5 )$23,937.932
Farr, Sam (D, California District 17 )$6,340.721
Fattah, Chaka (D, Pennsylvania District 2 )$4,973.841
Feingold, Russ (D, Wisconsin Senate)$0.000
Feinstein, Dianne (D, California Senate)$2,694.951
Filner, Bob (D, California District 51 )$0.000
Flake, Jeff (R, Arizona District 6 )$11,584.201
Fleming, John Calvin Jr (R, Louisiana District 4 )$21,134.562
Forbes, J Randy (R, Virginia District 4 )$11,780.001
Fortenberry, Jeffrey Lane (R, Nebraska District 1 )$0.000
Foster, Bill (D, Illinois District 14 )$18,955.501
Foxx, Virginia (R, North Carolina District 5 )$18,291.522
Frank, Barney (D, Massachusetts District 4 )$7,146.825
Franken, Al (D, Minnesota Senate)
Franks, Trent (R, Arizona District 2 )$21,359.701
Frelinghuysen, Rodney (R, New Jersey District 11 )$0.000
Fudge, Marcia L (D, Ohio District 11 )$0.000
Gallegly, Elton (R, California District 24 )$0.000
Garamendi, John (D, California District 10 )
Garrett, Scott (R, New Jersey District 5 )$9,559.621
Gerlach, Jim (R, Pennsylvania District 6 )$7,942.001
Giffords, Gabrielle (D, Arizona District 8 )$15,049.122
Gillibrand, Kirsten (D, New York Senate)
Gingrey, Phil (R, Georgia District 11 )$9,716.841
Gohmert, Louis B Jr (R, Texas District 1 )$44,753.603
Gonzalez, Charlie A (D, Texas District 20 )$3,570.291
Goodlatte, Bob (R, Virginia District 6 )$14,589.491
Gordon, Bart (D, Tennessee District 6 )$0.000
Graham, Lindsey (R, South Carolina Senate)$14,360.742
Granger, Kay (R, Texas District 12 )$0.000
Grassley, Chuck (R, Iowa Senate)$4,352.281
Graves, Sam (R, Missouri District 6 )$0.000
Grayson, Alan (D, Florida District 8 )$0.000
Green, Al (D, Texas District 9 )$5,452.471
Green, Gene (D, Texas District 29 )$50,527.944
Gregg, Judd (R, New Hampshire Senate)$0.000
Griffith, Parker (D, Alabama District 5 )$15,449.041
Grijalva, Raul M (D, Arizona District 7 )$0.000
Guthrie, Steven Brett (R, Kentucky District 2 )$0.000
Gutierrez, Luis V (D, Illinois District 4 )$10,906.001
Hagan, Kay R (D, North Carolina Senate)$0.000
Hall, John (D, New York District 19 )$3,200.001
Hall, Ralph M (R, Texas District 4 )$0.000
Halvorson, Deborah (D, Illinois District 11 )$24,850.272
Hare, Phil (D, Illinois District 17 )$15,586.412
Harkin, Tom (D, Iowa Senate)$0.000
Harman, Jane (D, California District 36 )$5,293.601
Harper, Gregg (R, Mississippi District 3 )$22,230.532
Hastings, Alcee L (D, Florida District 23 )$4,490.281
Hastings, Doc (R, Washington District 4 )$24,753.402
Hatch, Orrin G (R, Utah Senate)$0.000
Heinrich, Martin (D, New Mexico District 1 )$0.000
Heller, Dean (R, Nevada District 2 )$0.000
Hensarling, Jeb (R, Texas District 5 )$7,358.991
Herger, Wally (R, California District 2 )$0.000
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (D, South Dakota District 1 )$0.000
Higgins, Brian M (D, New York District 27 )$7,607.372
Hill, Baron (D, Indiana District 9 )$12,077.033
Himes, Jim (D, Connecticut District 4 )$18,131.041
Hinchey, Maurice (D, New York District 22 )$9,219.003
Hinojosa, Ruben (D, Texas District 15 )$0.000
Hirono, Mazie K (D, Hawaii District 2 )$12,258.261
Hodes, Paul W (D, New Hampshire District 2 )$19,159.401
Hoekstra, Peter (R, Michigan District 2 )$10,214.001
Holden, Tim (D, Pennsylvania District 17 )$0.000
Holt, Rush (D, New Jersey District 12 )$0.000
Honda, Mike (D, California District 15 )$9,185.432
Hoyer, Steny H (D, Maryland District 5 )$142,426.0217
Hunter, Duncan D (R, California District 52 )
Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R, Texas Senate)$0.000
Inglis, Bob (R, South Carolina District 4 )$0.000
Inhofe, James M (R, Oklahoma Senate)$0.000
Inouye, Daniel K (D, Hawaii Senate)$0.000
Inslee, Jay R (D, Washington District 1 )$0.000
Isakson, Johnny (R, Georgia Senate)$20,156.062
Israel, Steve (D, New York District 2 )$40,263.0810
Issa, Darrell (R, California District 49 )$4,217.201
Jackson Lee, Sheila (D, Texas District 18 )
Jackson, Jesse Jr (D, Illinois District 2 )$24,218.374
Jenkins, Lynn (R, Kansas District 2 )$0.000
Johanns, Michael O (R, Nebraska Senate)$0.000
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D, Texas District 30 )$0.000
Johnson, Hank (D, Georgia District 4 )$5,452.471
Johnson, Sam (R, Texas District 3 )$0.000
Johnson, Tim (D, South Dakota Senate)$6,840.002
Johnson, Timothy V (R, Illinois District 15 )$8,241.292
Jones, Walter B Jr (R, North Carolina District 3 )$0.000
Jordan, James D (R, Ohio District 4 )$14,757.741
Kagen, Steve (D, Wisconsin District 8 )$0.000
Kanjorski, Paul E (D, Pennsylvania District 11 )$0.000
Kaptur, Marcy (D, Ohio District 9 )$0.000
Kennedy, Patrick J (D, Rhode Island District 1 )$5,452.471
Kerry, John (D, Massachusetts Senate)$0.000
Kildee, Dale E (D, Michigan District 5 )$0.000
Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks (D, Michigan District 13 )$0.000
Kilroy, Mary Jo (D, Ohio District 15 )
Kind, Ron (D, Wisconsin District 3 )$0.000
King, Pete (R, New York District 3 )$11,156.842
King, Steven A (R, Iowa District 5 )$14,140.692
Kingston, Jack (R, Georgia District 1 )$20,347.001
Kirk, Mark (R, Illinois District 10 )$64,503.099
Kirk, Paul (D, Massachusetts Senate)$0.000
Kirkpatrick, Ann (D, Arizona District 1 )$18,919.441
Kissell, Larry (D, North Carolina District 8 )$0.000
Klein, Ron (D, Florida District 22 )$0.000
Kline, John (R, Minnesota District 2 )$8,378.652
Klobuchar, Amy (D, Minnesota Senate)
Kohl, Herb (D, Wisconsin Senate)$0.000
Kosmas, Suzanne (D, Florida District 24 )$10,075.721
Kratovil, Frank M Jr (D, Maryland District 1 )$16,019.441
Kucinich, Dennis J (D, Ohio District 10 )$0.000
Kyl, Jon (R, Arizona Senate)$15,866.157
Lamborn, Douglas L (R, Colorado District 5 )$22,394.721
Lance, Leonard (R, New Jersey District 7 )$18,375.741
Landrieu, Mary L (D, Louisiana Senate)$0.000
Langevin, Jim (D, Rhode Island District 2 )$43,302.157
Larsen, Rick (D, Washington District 2 )$6,598.551
Larson, John B (D, Connecticut District 1 )$8,690.921
Latham, Tom (R, Iowa District 4 )$0.000
LaTourette, Steven C (R, Ohio District 14 )$0.000
Latta, Robert E (R, Ohio District 5 )$19,003.741
Lautenberg, Frank R (D, New Jersey Senate)$11,919.833
Leahy, Patrick (D, Vermont Senate)$0.000
Lee, Barbara (D, California District 9 )$5,968.632
Lee, Christopher J (R, New York District 26 )$15,024.741
LeMieux, George S (R, Florida Senate)
Levin, Carl (D, Michigan Senate)$0.000
Levin, Sander (D, Michigan District 12 )$0.000
Lewis, Jerry (R, California District 41 )$0.000
Lewis, John (D, Georgia District 5 )$3,287.001
Lieberman, Joe (I, Connecticut Senate)$32,443.979
Lincoln, Blanche (D, Arkansas Senate)$3,657.001
Linder, John (R, Georgia District 7 )$0.000
Lipinski, Daniel (D, Illinois District 3 )$0.000
LoBiondo, Frank A (R, New Jersey District 2 )$0.000
Loebsack, David (D, Iowa District 2 )$0.000
Lofgren, Zoe (D, California District 16 )$0.000
Lowey, Nita M (D, New York District 18 )$21,821.705
Lucas, Frank D (R, Oklahoma District 3 )$0.000
Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R, Missouri District 9 )$14,464.361
Lugar, Richard G (R, Indiana Senate)$0.000
Lujan, Ben R (D, New Mexico District 3 )
Lummis, Cynthia Marie (R, Wyoming District 1 )$0.000
Lungren, Dan (R, California District 3 )$14,665.042
Lynch, Stephen F (D, Massachusetts District 9 )$4,170.701
Mack, Connie (R, Florida District 14 )$0.001
Maffei, Dan (D, New York District 25 )
Maloney, Carolyn B (D, New York District 14 )$14,131.302
Manzullo, Don (R, Illinois District 16 )$0.000
Marchant, Kenny (R, Texas District 24 )$8,578.521
Markey, Betsy (D, Colorado District 4 )$19,069.941
Markey, Edward J (D, Massachusetts District 7 )$0.000
Marshall, Jim (D, Georgia District 8 )$11,629.001
Massa, Eric (D, New York District 29 )
Matheson, Jim (D, Utah District 2 )$0.000
Matsui, Doris O (D, California District 5 )$0.000
McCain, John (R, Arizona Senate)$0.000
McCarthy, Carolyn (D, New York District 4 )$2,493.001
McCarthy, Kevin (R, California District 22 )$0.000
McCaskill, Claire (D, Missouri Senate)$0.000
McCaul, Michael (R, Texas District 10 )$0.000
McClintock, Tom (R, California District 4 )$24,355.562
McCollum, Betty (D, Minnesota District 4 )$0.000
McConnell, Mitch (R, Kentucky Senate)$7,358.192
McCotter, Thad (R, Michigan District 11 )$0.000
McDermott, Jim (D, Washington District 7 )$10,522.001
McGovern, James P (D, Massachusetts District 3 )$0.000
McHenry, Patrick (R, North Carolina District 10 )$10,280.601
McIntyre, Mike (D, North Carolina District 7 )$0.000
McKeon, Howard P (Buck) (R, California District 25 )$0.000
McMahon, Michael E (D, New York District 13 )$0.000
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (R, Washington District 5 )$0.000
McNerney, Jerry (D, California District 11 )$17,387.901
Meek, Kendrick B (D, Florida District 17 )$10,876.001
Meeks, Gregory W (D, New York District 6 )$12,925.235
Melancon, Charles (D, Louisiana District 3 )$9,453.072
Menendez, Robert (D, New Jersey Senate)$0.000
Merkley, Jeff (D, Oregon Senate)$0.000
Mica, John L (R, Florida District 7 )$0.000
Michaud, Mike (D, Maine District 2 )$10,103.332
Mikulski, Barbara A (D, Maryland Senate)$4,508.242
Miller, Brad (D, North Carolina District 13 )$12,073.022
Miller, Candice S (R, Michigan District 10 )$0.000
Miller, Gary (R, California District 42 )$12,132.001
Miller, George (D, California District 7 )$0.000
Miller, Jeff (R, Florida District 1 )$10,517.512
Minnick, Walter Clifford (D, Idaho District 1 )
Mitchell, Harry E (D, Arizona District 5 )$16,275.441
Mollohan, Alan B (D, West Virginia District 1 )$0.000
Moore, Dennis (D, Kansas District 3 )$3,936.292
Moore, Gwen (D, Wisconsin District 4 )$4,168.671
Moran, Jerry (R, Kansas District 1 )$28,121.501
Moran, Jim (D, Virginia District 8 )$0.000
Murkowski, Lisa (R, Alaska Senate)$2,598.351
Murphy, Chris (D, Connecticut District 5 )$0.000
Murphy, Patrick J (D, Pennsylvania District 8 )$21,335.822
Murphy, Scott (D, New York District 20 )
Murphy, Tim (R, Pennsylvania District 18 )$0.000
Murray, Patty (D, Washington Senate)$0.000
Murtha, John P (D, Pennsylvania District 12 )$0.000
Myrick, Sue (R, North Carolina District 9 )$0.000
Nadler, Jerrold (D, New York District 8 )$30,418.225
Napolitano, Grace (D, California District 38 )$0.000
Neal, Richard E (D, Massachusetts District 2 )$0.000
Nelson, Ben (D, Nebraska Senate)$2,647.631
Nelson, Bill (D, Florida Senate)$0.000
Neugebauer, Randy (R, Texas District 19 )$9,213.841
Norton, Eleanor Holmes (D, District of Columbia At Large)$0.000
Nunes, Devin Gerald (R, California District 21 )$23,852.023
Nye, Glenn (D, Virginia District 2 )$9,401.021
Oberstar, James L (D, Minnesota District 8 )$0.000
Obey, David R (D, Wisconsin District 7 )$0.000
Olson, Pete (R, Texas District 22 )$23,295.912
Olver, John W (D, Massachusetts District 1 )$0.000
Ortiz, Solomon P (D, Texas District 27 )$0.000
Owens, Bill (D, New York District 23 )
Pallone, Frank Jr (D, New Jersey District 6 )$15,587.503
Pascrell, Bill Jr (D, New Jersey District 8 )$5,258.272
Pastor, Ed (D, Arizona District 4 )$7,358.991
Paul, Ron (R, Texas District 14 )$0.000
Paulsen, Erik (R, Minnesota District 3 )$4,700.001
Payne, Donald M (D, New Jersey District 10 )$0.000
Pelosi, Nancy (D, California District 8 )$4,793.472
Pence, Mike (R, Indiana District 6 )$45,288.055
Perlmutter, Edwin G (D, Colorado District 7 )
Perriello, Tom (D, Virginia District 5 )$0.000
Peters, Gary (D, Michigan District 9 )$18,971.421
Peterson, Collin C (D, Minnesota District 7 )$0.000
Petri, Tom (R, Wisconsin District 6 )$0.000
Pierluisi, Pedro (3, Puerto Rico At Large)$0.000
Pingree, Chellie (D, Maine District 1 )
Pitts, Joe (R, Pennsylvania District 16 )$10,584.853
Platts, Todd (R, Pennsylvania District 19 )$0.000
Poe, Ted (R, Texas District 2 )$0.000
Polis, Jared (D, Colorado District 2 )
Pomeroy, Earl (D, North Dakota District 1 )
Posey, Bill (R, Florida District 15 )$5,452.471
Price, David (D, North Carolina District 4 )$3,650.851
Price, Tom (R, Georgia District 6 )$38,366.703
Pryor, Mark (D, Arkansas Senate)$860.501
Putnam, Adam H (R, Florida District 12 )$9,426.942
Quigley, Mike (D, Illinois District 5 )$18,755.181
Radanovich, George (R, California District 19 )$0.000
Rahall, Nick (D, West Virginia District 3 )$0.000
Rangel, Charles B (D, New York District 15 )
Reed, Jack (D, Rhode Island Senate)$806.701
Rehberg, Denny (R, Montana District 1 )$4,168.671
Reichert, Dave (R, Washington District 8 )$0.000
Reid, Harry (D, Nevada Senate)$19,279.564
Reyes, Silvestre (D, Texas District 16 )$0.000
Richardson, Laura (D, California District 37 )$22,211.501
Risch, James E (R, Idaho Senate)$0.000
Roberts, Pat (R, Kansas Senate)$8,967.822
Rockefeller, Jay (D, West Virginia Senate)$610.001
Rodriguez, Ciro D (D, Texas District 23 )$3,570.891
Roe, Phil (R, Tennessee District 1 )$15,917.741
Rogers, Hal (R, Kentucky District 5 )$0.000
Rogers, Mike (R, Michigan District 8 )$10,608.601
Rogers, Mike D (R, Alabama District 3 )$0.000
Rohrabacher, Dana (R, California District 46 )$0.000
Rooney, Tom (R, Florida District 16 )$14,947.741
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R, Florida District 18 )$36,314.166
Roskam, Peter (R, Illinois District 6 )$0.000
Ross, Mike (D, Arkansas District 4 )$20,185.792
Rothman, Steven R (D, New Jersey District 9 )$7,821.152
Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D, California District 34 )$0.000
Royce, Ed (R, California District 40 )$8,739.472
Ruppersberger, Dutch (D, Maryland District 2 )$16,374.781
Rush, Bobby L (D, Illinois District 1 )$0.000
Ryan, Paul (R, Wisconsin District 1 )$14,724.541
Ryan, Tim (D, Ohio District 17 )$13,016.403
Salazar, John (D, Colorado District 3 )$14,119.781
Sanchez, Linda (D, California District 39 )$5,809.051
Sanchez, Loretta (D, California District 47 )$21,004.856
Sanders, Bernie (I, Vermont Senate)$0.000
Sarbanes, John (D, Maryland District 3 )$0.000
Scalise, Steve (R, Louisiana District 1 )$9,155.871
Schakowsky, Jan (D, Illinois District 9 )$16,951.765
Schauer, Mark (D, Michigan District 7 )$0.000
Schiff, Adam (D, California District 29 )$5,573.932
Schmidt, Jean (R, Ohio District 2 )$20,278.901
Schock, Aaron (R, Illinois District 18 )$15,301.432
Schrader, Kurt (D, Oregon District 5 )
Schultz, Debbie Wasserman (D, Florida District 20 )$10,881.277
Schumer, Charles E (D, New York Senate)$18,035.364
Schwartz, Allyson (D, Pennsylvania District 13 )$15,230.082
Scott, David (D, Georgia District 13 )$20,273.452
Scott, Robert C (D, Virginia District 3 )$0.000
Sensenbrenner, F James Jr (R, Wisconsin District 5 )$0.000
Serrano, Jose E (D, New York District 16 )$0.000
Sessions, Jeff (R, Alabama Senate)$0.000
Sessions, Pete (R, Texas District 32 )$0.000
Sestak, Joseph A Jr (D, Pennsylvania District 7 )$0.000
Shadegg, John (R, Arizona District 3 )$0.000
Shaheen, Jeanne (D, New Hampshire Senate)$0.000
Shea-Porter, Carol (D, New Hampshire District 1 )$0.000
Shelby, Richard C (R, Alabama Senate)$456.591
Sherman, Brad (D, California District 27 )$0.000
Shimkus, John M (R, Illinois District 19 )$13,094.612
Shuler, Heath (D, North Carolina District 11 )$8,472.802
Shuster, Bill (R, Pennsylvania District 9 )$0.000
Simpson, Mike (R, Idaho District 2 )$3,650.851
Sires, Albio (D, New Jersey District 13 )$23,585.073
Skelton, Ike (D, Missouri District 4 )$0.000
Slaughter, Louise M (D, New York District 28 )$0.000
Smith, Adam (D, Washington District 9 )$0.000
Smith, Adrian (R, Nebraska District 3 )$12,842.101
Smith, Chris (R, New Jersey District 4 )$0.000
Smith, Lamar (R, Texas District 21 )$0.000
Snowe, Olympia J (R, Maine Senate)$2,588.401
Snyder, Vic (D, Arkansas District 2 )$2,588.401
Souder, Mark E (R, Indiana District 3 )$21,469.701
Space, Zachary T (D, Ohio District 18 )$0.000
Specter, Arlen (D, Pennsylvania Senate)$0.000
Speier, Jackie (D, California District 12 )$0.000
Spratt, John M Jr (D, South Carolina District 5 )$0.000
Stabenow, Debbie (D, Michigan Senate)$1,865.001
Stark, Pete (D, California District 13 )
Stearns, Cliff (R, Florida District 6 )$1,480.492
Stupak, Bart (D, Michigan District 1 )$4,352.281
Sullivan, John (R, Oklahoma District 1 )$5,422.421
Sutton, Betty Sue (D, Ohio District 13 )
Tanner, John (D, Tennessee District 8 )$25,390.712
Taylor, Gene (D, Mississippi District 4 )$0.000
Teague, Harry (D, New Mexico District 2 )
Terry, Lee (R, Nebraska District 2 )$5,744.001
Tester, Jon (D, Montana Senate)$0.000
Thompson, Bennie G (D, Mississippi District 2 )$7,922.991
Thompson, Glenn (R, Pennsylvania District 5 )$16,629.921
Thompson, Mike (D, California District 1 )$0.000
Thornberry, Mac (R, Texas District 13 )$0.000
Thune, John (R, South Dakota Senate)$0.000
Tiahrt, Todd (R, Kansas District 4 )$0.000
Tiberi, Patrick J (R, Ohio District 12 )$3,602.601
Tierney, John F (D, Massachusetts District 6 )$0.000
Titus, Dina (D, Nevada District 3 )$15,899.041
Tonko, Paul (D, New York District 21 )$0.00$0.00
Towns, Edolphus (D, New York District 10 )$0.000
Tsongas, Niki (D, Massachusetts District 5 )
Turner, Michael R (R, Ohio District 3 )$5,215.421
Udall, Mark (D, Colorado Senate)$0.000
Udall, Tom (D, New Mexico Senate)$0.000
Upton, Fred (R, Michigan District 6 )$3,476.201
Van Hollen, Chris (D, Maryland District 8 )$10,740.661
Velazquez, Nydia M (D, New York District 12 )$0.000
Visclosky, Pete (D, Indiana District 1 )$0.000
Vitter, David (R, Louisiana Senate)$5,669.821
Voinovich, George V (R, Ohio Senate)$2,588.401
Walden, Greg (R, Oregon District 2 )$3,287.001
Walz, Timothy J (D, Minnesota District 1 )
Wamp, Zach (R, Tennessee District 3 )$3,650.851
Warner, Mark (D, Virginia Senate)
Waters, Maxine (D, California District 35 )
Watson, Diane E (D, California District 33 )
Watt, Melvin L (D, North Carolina District 12 )$0.000
Waxman, Henry A (D, California District 30 )$33,467.724
Webb, James (D, Virginia Senate)$0.000
Weiner, Anthony D (D, New York District 9 )$26,345.797
Welch, Peter (D, Vermont District 1 )$0.000
Westmoreland, Lynn A (R, Georgia District 3 )$22,706.301
Wexler, Robert (D, Florida District 19 )$46,171.945
Whitehouse, Sheldon (D, Rhode Island Senate)$0.000
Whitfield, Ed (R, Kentucky District 1 )$0.000
Wicker, Roger (R, Mississippi Senate)$0.000
Wilson, Charlie (D, Ohio District 6 )$9,402.521
Wilson, Joe (R, South Carolina District 2 )$29,964.043
Wittman, Rob (R, Virginia District 1 )$6,835.041
Wolf, Frank R (R, Virginia District 10 )$0.000
Woolsey, Lynn (D, California District 6 )$12,515.142
Wu, David (D, Oregon District 1 )$0.000
Wyden, Ron (D, Oregon Senate)$11,207.467
Yarmuth, John A (D, Kentucky District 3 )$17,660.601
Young, C W Bill (R, Florida District 10 )
Young, Don (R, Alaska District 1 )$0.000